Jerome Powell

The national debt is big and getting bigger. Does it matter?


As government debt swells, the outer limits of what the U.S. can safely borrow are becoming less and less clear.


Fed's Powell sees opportunity for joint CRA overhaul


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said bank regulators still aim to write a universal rule updating the Community Reinvestment Act, despite years of disagreement between the agencies on how to proceed.


Fed nears decision on continued easing of bank capital rule


Chair Jerome Powell told a congressional panel that the Federal Reserve is weighing whether to extend temporary relief from the “supplementary leverage ratio” — meant to help banks lend more during the pandemic — beyond March 31.


Fed undecided on bank dividend cap in second quarter


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank will consider the pace of coronavirus vaccinations and other factors to determine if restrictions on dividends and share repurchases will continue.


Fed won praise for 2020 crisis response, but will its hands be tied in '21?


The Federal Reserve is credited with containing damage to the financial system from the coronavirus pandemic, but experts say the limits of the central bank’s power to prop up the economy will likely become more apparent in the new year.


Fed's Powell calls climate change 'an emerging risk' to banks


His comments came a day after the Fed announced it had formally joined an international network of central bankers and regulators focused on mitigating climate risk to the financial sector.


Fed, Treasury agree to extend four lending facilities to March 31


The central bank will prolong the life of the Commercial Paper Funding Facility and three other programs while returning congressionally approved funds for five separate facilities that will shut down Dec. 31.


Yellen at Treasury could resuscitate Fed’s loan programs


The Trump administration has compelled the Federal Reserve to shut down the Main Street Lending Program and other facilities that aid banks’ pandemic relief efforts, but President-elect Biden’s Treasury nominee could help turn the spigot back on.


Access Denied: Underserved or ignored?


Opening a bank or investment account — or even securing employment in a racism-free workplace — is out of reach for many Black Americans.


Regulators tell banks they can choose any replacement rate for Libor


The statement comes after multiple small and midsize institutions earlier this year warned the agencies that the secured overnight financing rate was ill-suited to them.