Jerome Powell

Would raising capital requirements for a rainy day hasten one?


One Federal Reserve governor’s push to use an untapped capital buffer to counteract potential losses is stoking concerns that such a maneuver could spook financial markets.


Fed won't lift Wells' growth cap until deficiencies are fixed: Powell


The Federal Reserve Board chairman told Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a letter that the central bank is actively reviewing the bank's progress in following a February consent order.


'No wonder they've had 12 straight years of losses': Comments of the Week


Readers sound off on the CFPB's name change, whether the Post Office should be allowed to engage in banking services and the FDIC's call to revamp the de novo process.


Fed tinkers with rates; automated home valuations prompt worries


The central bank may be looking at other benchmarks besides the fed funds rate to conduct monetary policy; dropping human appraisers from most home sales raises concerns.


Trump can't fire Jerome Powell. Will he try anyway?


The president’s escalating criticism of the central bank might be bluster. But it raises questions about how far he might go and what would happen if he tried to act.


Trump says he's 'not even a little bit happy' with Fed's Powell


President Trump stepped up his attacks on the Federal Reserve Board and its chairman, Jerome Powell, blaming the central bank for declines in the stock market.


Warren says leveraged lending lapses invite new crisis


Sen. Elizabeth Warren said regulators are failing to respond to what she thinks could be a new meltdown in the making: the trillion-dollar market for leveraged loans.


Empty chairs at Fed still the status quo — and could be for some time


The Senate is poised to confirm Kansas Banking Commissioner Michelle Bowman to the Federal Reserve Board. But the nominations for the two other open seats are still in limbo.


Fed unveils overhaul of large-bank supervision


In a highly anticipated proposal, the central bank outlined a new approach for its post-crisis supervisory program that divides banks into different tiers based on size.


Congressional Black Caucus members urge Fed action on faster payments


In a letter Monday to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell, the four House Democrats argued that the nation’s aging payments system is contributing to economic inequality.