Jerome Powell

Jerome Powell’s narrow path to second term as Fed chair


Unlike previous central bank chiefs, Powell’s chances of being renominated by either the current president or many of the Democratic contenders are slim.


$11 trillion U.S. mortgage market has a shadowy new player


Financial regulators have been put on notice about the risk of an economically damaging cash crunch in the home mortgage market. Behind the concern: the rapid growth of shadow banks in the origination and servicing of home loans.


Pressure grows on administration to fill Fed, FDIC seats


Senate leaders say they're ready to consider appointees to fill vacancies at the two regulatory agencies, if only the White House would send over their names.


Fed's Powell says revamp of capital, liquidity rules not under consideration


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he does not think revamping capital or liquidity requirements is necessary despite recent volatility in the repurchase markets.


Fed finishes overhaul of post-crisis supervisory regime


The central bank finalized a host of regulatory-relief changes mostly benefiting midsize and regional banks that hew closely to proposals issued in April and last fall.


PayPal exit from Facebook project shows power of D.C.’s disapproval


The payments company’s departure from the association leading Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plan is the clearest sign that skeptical policymakers are the plan's biggest obstacle.


EU to regulate Libra; Robinhood joins online deposit war


The EU wants to protect the euro and ensure Facebook’s digital currency isn’t used for money laundering; the brokerage is partnering with six banks to offer 2% on account balances.


The next presidential debate should include banking


Certain topics have dominated in the Democrats’ prior face-offs, but issues like regulatory relief have the potential to highlight crucial differences between the candidates.


Fannie, Freddie to retain earnings; PayPal wins Chinese payments license


The GSEs will hold onto a combined $45 billion as they start the process of going private; PayPal becomes the first foreign firm to win approval to enter the country’s payments market.


Fed's Powell: Don't expect changes to bank liquidity rule


Despite concerns over how regulatory requirements affect short-term funding markets, the central bank is not considering a reduction in the liquidity coverage ratio, Jerome Powell said.