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What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean for Restructuring?

Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellen held a news conference Wednesday in Washington, where she announced that the Fed will raise its benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2008.

Fifth Circuit Issues Two Decisions Easing Path for Chapter 11 Debtors

Within the span of a few days, Judge Patrick Higginbotham of the Fifth Circuit released two decisions which will ease the way for chapter 11 debtors to confirm their plans.   In the first decision, the Court definitively put a stake through the heart of the artificial impairment doctrine, while in the second, the Court held that the Till prime + formula, while not mandatory, was becoming the "default" rule for calculating interest in chapter 11 plans.    The cases are Matter of Village at Camp Bowie I, LP, No.

New Credit Card Regs Effective Today


(See entire posting on this issue at February 10, 2009)