interest rates

Banks’ deposit-rate challenge: How low can they go?


CEOs have been telling investors that if the Fed continues to cut interest rates, they will lower rates they are paying on deposits to minimize the hit to net interest margins. The danger is that if they lower rates too quickly or by too much, big depositors could go elsewhere.


The changing metrics of credit; HSBC wants out of France


Lenders considering other factors for those with bad or no credit history; the bank plans to sell its French retail unit.


JPM prepping for zero rates; N.J. to pressure banks on guns


Dimon doesn’t expect it to happen, but the bank is getting ready just in case; the state will require banks to disclose their relationship with gun sellers.


Why M&T says it can withstand lower interest rates


M&T has skillfully used hedges, maintained an appropriate loan mix and resisted offering market-leading deposit rates, its chief financial officer said at a financial services conference.


Wells Fargo again lowers a key earnings target


For the third time in five months, the San Francisco bank made a downward revision Monday to its guidance on net interest income. An executive cited the impact of lower interest rates.


Who’s afraid of the 'narrow bank'?


A new kind of institution wants to make the interest rate the Federal Reserve pays to its member institutions more widely available, but that could have big implications for monetary policy.


GOP senator seeks hearing on Fed independence after Dudley op-ed


Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina called for the panel to hold a hearing on what he termed the danger that the Federal Reserve will meddle in the 2020 presidential election.


Lukewarm reception for FDIC plan to ease deposit rate limits


The agency is trying to update its rate-cap policy for institutions that fall below "well-capitalized." But it remains to be seen if the proposed changes fully address community bankers' concerns.


Bankers turn curiously optimistic about the economy


Competition for deposits is tight, the outlook for loan demand is uncertain, and regulatory relief is slow-moving. Yet community bankers are feeling better about the economy than they have in two years, a Promontory Interfinancial Network survey found.


Lower securities yields could squeeze banks' 3Q profit, report says


M&T Bank, Zions and Comerica are among the regional banks facing the most pressure on net interest margins, Wells Fargo analysts said in a research note to investors.