interest rates

One senator's plan for helping consumers weather coronavirus pandemic


Republicans balked at measures like an overdraft fee ban and interest rate cap in the recent stimulus bill, but Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, isn’t done trying to add such proposals to future relief packages.


Congress mulls further coronavirus relief for consumers


If Capitol Hill plans another round of stimulus, Democrats could have more leverage to demand steps such as suspending overdraft fees or placing a temporary cap on consumer lending rates.


Will near-zero rates spur more borrowing?


Bankers say they understand the need for an extraordinary government response to the coronavirus outbreak, but worry that even slashing interest rates won’t stimulate demand.


Bank M&A was already slowing down. Then the pandemic hit.


Coronavirus concerns, along with the Fed's emergency rate cut and an erratic stock market, have forced most bankers to take pause and reassess potential deals.


Trump to meet with Wall Street CEOs; Scharf pledges urgent reform


Leaders to parlay with president as banks worldwide offer to aid customers; Wells CEO says the bank will be run “fundamentally differently” than in the past.


Coronavirus fears dampen mood at community bankers' conference


The outbreak and a free fall of oil and stock prices are rattling bankers at this year's ICBA gathering in Orlando, Fla.


Will the U.S. ever enact a national interest rate cap?


Most states have some kind of pricing limit on consumer loans. But proposals for a national usury law divide even Democrats, some of whom are concerned about restricting credit.


Fed makes emergency rate cut amid heightened coronavirus fears


The Federal Reserve has voted unanimously to cut the interest rate 50 basis points to 1.10% effective March 4, in the first emergency rate cut since 2008.


Wells Fargo lowers earnings guidance, warns on coronavirus impact


The San Francisco bank reduced its outlook for net interest income this year and cautioned that the outbreak's economic effects could take an even bigger bite out of profits.


TD misses estimates as U.S. retail hit by interest rate cuts


The decline in net interest income combined was among the reasons why year-over-year profits at the U.S. operations fell for the first time since 2012.