Gender issues

On the shoulders of giants at JPM; lessons to learn at Morgan Stanley


JPMorgan Chase’s Thasunda Duckett is living her ancestors’ wildest dreams; Morgan Stanley could take a lesson from Citi on reining in rainmakers; and Jelena McWilliams faces tough choices at the FDIC. Plus, babysitting gets approved as a new type of campaign expense.


Another black eye for Wells; Visa female execs to meet with CEO


The bank said it kept fee rebates that should have gone to a small pension fund; some women say the company “bro” culture hinders their advancement.


Gender discrimination class action at Goldman, and its bitcoin trading foray


One woman's legal battle of more than a decade could develop into one of the biggest gender discrimination lawsuits to hit Wall Street. Bank of America faces a complaint after its sexual harassment ouster, and loses another top female executive. Plus, lots of tech initiatives.


Citi rethinks tech branches and Santander’s blockchain first


Citibank finds people need people (at least in a branch). Santander launches a new consumer app, which makes money transfers using blockchain technology. JPMorgan Chase can be an intimidating partner for fintech startups. Plus, Elizabeth Warren’s new mission.


Reacting to Williams’ appointment; Treasury seeks CRA changes


The San Francisco Fed chief, an economist, is seen as a complement to Fed chair Powell; the proposal would make it easier for banks to comply with the law.


#MeToo fallout, the frustrating Fed and the changing role of the CMO


Talk about a #MaleFail: how shining a light on harassment could have unintended consequences for women in financial services. The New York Fed is dealing with a backlash of its own. Chief marketing officers like Citi’s Jennifer Breithaupt are playing an important role in product development. Also, new initiatives target bias on Slack and in Shakespeare.


Apathy, blind spots and fixes: 10 insights on workplace harassment


Which industries have the highest prevalence of unwanted sexual conduct in the workplace? Will the #MeToo movement have a lasting impact? Key findings from a SourceMedia survey.


Citi pays male staffers in U.K. 44% more than females


Morgan Stanley also reported a wide disparity in gender pay, reflecting the greater proportion of men in top executive posts.


Amazon's good luck, blockchain dangers and French dissing


Luckily for Amazon, the OCC is no longer “the angry dad on the porch with a shotgun," trying to keep tech companies from hooking up with banks. JPMorgan Chase’s Amber Baldet can pack a room for a lesson on blockchains. And it is the end of catcalls in France.


Goldman pays female U.K. staff 56% less than male colleagues


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. pays women in the U.K. an average of 56% less than male colleagues, another stark example of the entrenched gender imbalances in the richest corners of the global economy.