Gender issues

It’s official: Powell confirmed; Noto to head SoFi


Upper chamber approves nomination to succeed Janet Yellen; Twitter’s operations chief to take over online lender in March.


SoFi makes an offer; B of A fires hedge fund executive


Anthony Noto may be SoFi’s next CEO; manager is quietly let go following an internal investigation into alleged sexual misconduct.


Citi is first mover on gender pay gap – will other banks budge?


The difference in pay between men and women at Citi is not as striking as some other differences. A reverse mentor changed how Goldman’s Edith Cooper thinks about differences in the workplace. Banks are doing a lot more than relaxing the dress code to retain tech talent. And Ellen Pompeo offers some personal notes on tackling the pay gap.


JPM, Wells on divergent paths; Citi talks gender pay


The two banks' tax reform expectations differ as they move in opposite directions; bank bows to pressure to report pay discrepancies.


CFPB deputy foiled again; Big changes to CRA


Judge again throws out Leandra English’s attempt to take over agency; planned revamp may ease banks’ lending requirements to the poor.


CIT's Alemany and JPM's O’Connor end the year on a high note


It was a good year for CIT’s Ellen Alemany and JPM’s Sandie O’Connor, but Arjuna Capital’s Natasha Lamb hopes next year will be better. Mary Mack gets a bigger role at Wells Fargo, and Zoe Cruz gets a new one at Ripple. Plus, is Harvey Weinstein really Meryl Streep’s fault?


Pressure mounts on banks to address gender pay gap


A new U.K. rule requiring firms to disclose their pay practices, combined with the increased attention on women's workplace issues in general, is forcing banks and other companies to be more forthcoming about what they are paying female employees.


Challenger faces challenges; creating 'business technologists’


Ally has a lot of digital competitors, so Diane Morais is banking on customer centricity; Heather Cox plans to “levelize” the business and technology team at USAA; and outgoing Fed Chair Janet Yellen has achieved rock star status.


Building up in Baltimore, and mastering the London Stock Exchange


Howard Bank’s Mary Ann Scully brings hometown banking back to the Charm City; Blythe Masters is a candidate to lead the London Stock Exchange; law professor Tamar Frankel is still shaking up Wall Street, even at 92.


Empowering women in the economy would boost growth, Citi says


Improving gender equality could significantly boost growth in advanced economies over the coming decades, according to Citigroup Inc.