Gender issues

JPMorgan bylaws go gender neutral amid diversity pressure


JPMorgan Chase scrubbed its bylaws of gender designations as pressure grows from both society and investors on global businesses to show they are diversifying and becoming more inclusive.



The Most Powerful Women in Banking 2020: Women do support other women


Jane Fraser, President of Citigroup and CEO of Global Consumer Bank, shares her thoughts on becoming the firm’s next CEO, expresses her gratitude for the outpouring of support she’s received, and pays homage to all the women who have paved the path before her.


The Most Powerful Women in Banking: Next


The 15 executives selected for our Most Powerful Women in Banking: Next list all have remarkable stories. Over the past year each of them has taken on a major project for their company and produced impressive results. Yet none are older than 40.


A purpose-driven CD and other ideas for advancing economic justice and diversity


Funds from a certificate of deposit at Berkshire Bank will help fuel lending to minority-owned small businesses. Mellody Hobson explains why merely ‘working on diversity’ is not good enough. And Wells Fargo ties compensation to progress on diversity targets.


Coronavirus stress tests strength of women’s network


In a still male-dominated industry, does the network help attract and keep more women at the firm? CEO Shirl Penney says yes and has the results to prove it.


'Crossover hiring' can address the gender gap in fintech


As the fintech industry looks for ways to bring on more women, crossover hiring — recruiting from traditional financial services firms to fintechs — has emerged as an effective strategy, Donna Parisi of Shearman & Sterling and Michelle Tran of NYC Fintech Women write.


Big banks face renewed pressure on gender pay gap


An investment firm that has been pressuring large companies to enhance disclosures said that its efforts at JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon are gaining ground.


Challenges to banks’ use of arbitration a sign of gender fights to come


Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase recently avoided shareholder votes tied to their use of arbitration clauses in sexual harassment cases. But socially conscious investors say the issue is likely to flare up again elsewhere and that banks would do well to address a wide range of gender equity matters head on.


'Getting out of the boys' ecochamber': Male allies in banking


Doug Nielson at U.S. Bank and Jane Barratt at MX explain how men can be more supportive of their female colleagues.