Gender discrimination

Thorn in banks’ side pushes for disclosure of raw pay-gap numbers


Arjuna Capital is filing shareholder proposals with 11 financial and tech companies to uncover median gender pay gaps, which it said would determine if more women are concentrated in lower-paying jobs.


Waters to call in the big banks; trying to rein in elder financial abuse


The largest banks are expected to soon receive requests to appear before the House Financial Services Committee; banks taking steps to curb scams.


House, Senate Dems introduce bill to encourage diversity among Fed presidents


The bill would require at least one gender diverse and one racially or ethnically diverse candidate to be interviewed for Fed regional bank president vacancies.


House diversity panel a doubled-edged sword for banks


A Financial Services subcommittee planned by Democrats to root out discrimination and expand financial inclusion could put banks on the hot seat, but it could also foster regulatory relief.


The princess and the paycheck, Blythe Masters' exit and #MeToo paranoia


An accusation of sexual discrimination plays out in court for BNP Paribas; Jeffries’ top execs chastise Wall Street men over #MeToo paranoia; blockchain startup loses Blythe Masters; and RBS might make history with a female CEO-CFO duo.


Wall Street's bad reaction to #MeToo, Kraninger in at the CFPB, BofA women making moves


Men on Wall Street are taking a cue from Vice President Mike Pence by refusing to dine one-on-one with women; Coinbase is offering fertility benefits; and Bank of America executive Katy Knox gets a promotion.


Community Banker of the Year: Sound Financial's Laurie Stewart


Her guidance of a former credit union through the crisis and into a profitable bank, her advocacy for reg relief and other industry priorities, and her vocal support of women seeking to knock down many of the same workplace barriers she faced make her one of our Best in Banking honorees.


Ex-ABA employee sues group, alleging discrimination


A former employee of the banking trade group is accusing some of its executives of allegedly creating a “boy’s club” atmosphere that discriminated against women and minorities on staff.


Inside Mel Watt’s #MeToo moment


The House Financial Services Committee is examining sexual harassment charges against FHFA director Watt. American Banker reporter Hannah Lang offers her take.


Three laws signed by California governor will hit lenders


Among the three measures is a requirement for boards of publicly traded firms to include more women.