Gender discrimination

Diversity programs force Americans to face uncomfortable truths


Controversies over trainings that address white male privilege detract from the important role DEI initiatives play in helping the country move forward.


Listen, speak, act: One CEO's playbook for inclusive cultures


Banks must address the societal issues that resonate deeply with their customers and communities, says Regions Financial chief John Turner.


Goldman plaintiffs demand files with words they say prove bias


Women suing Goldman Sachs Group for gender discrimination are going after any internal documents with words like “babe,” “bimbo” or worse that they say would show bias by executives who administered the bank’s promotion and evaluation policies.


To end lending bias, banks need to use the right tech


Traditional lenders must embrace fintech underwriting tools that would help women- and monitory-owned businesses get loans they are too often denied.


Senate Democrats' bill would ban discrimination in financial services


The legislation would extend to the banking system the Civil Rights Act's protections for customers of hotels and restaurants.


OCC official: We want to be diversity role model for banks


Any regulator or bank should build from a foundation of diversity, dignity and respect, says Grovetta Gardineer, the agency's head of national bank supervision policy.


HUD’s disparate impact rule is a ‘get out of jail free’ card


The bar to prove discriminatory patterns is so high that plaintiffs would have slim odds of winning lawsuits against housing providers.


Better data is key to beating bias in small-business lending


The increased use of technology, along with holistic data points, can eradicate racial and gender disparity for fintech lenders in small business, says Become’s Eden Amirav.


CRA reform amid coronavirus would fuel discriminatory lending


Minorities are often hit harder financially during a crisis, but if regulators move forward on revamping the Community Reinvestment Act, they’ll only make matters worse.