Gender discrimination

CRA reform amid coronavirus would fuel discriminatory lending


Minorities are often hit harder financially during a crisis, but if regulators move forward on revamping the Community Reinvestment Act, they’ll only make matters worse.


Don’t ditch disparate impact


Attempts to rewrite the method for determining unintended discrimination in housing should not bleed into fair-lending laws.


CFPB's Kraninger commits to finalizing small-business lending rule


CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger promised to complete the rule mandated by Dodd-Frank one day after a California court set a process for doing so.


CFPB forced to complete small-business lending rule


After dragging its feet, the agency has agreed to a court-supervised process for writing a Dodd-Frank-mandated rule aimed at stamping out discrimination.


House lawmakers at odds over requiring banks to report diversity data


A study by the House Financial Services Committee on the industry’s efforts to hire and promote more women and minorities has sparked a dispute over whether banks should have to be more transparent about those efforts.


'Getting out of the boys' ecochamber': Male allies in banking


Doug Nielson at U.S. Bank and Jane Barratt at MX explain how men can be more supportive of their female colleagues.


GOP lawmaker's bill would repeal small-business loan rules


New legislation in Congress seeks to do away with a data-collection mandate that addressed discrimination in business lending. The repeal measure has the support of two bank industry groups based in Washington.


Bank boards need more women of color


Financial institutions should fully disclose their board composition to begin tackling diversity problems at the top.


Sens. Warren, Brown ramp up attacks on Apple Card over bias claims


Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown want the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to examine allegations of bias against women who applied for an Apple credit card underwritten by Goldman Sachs.


Apple Card’s bias charges could contain a silver lining for small businesses


The CFPB has promised an equal-access rule for small-business lending for nearly a decade. But Apple’s recent discrimination inquiry into its credit card could force the agency’s hand.