First time home buyers

Biden administration likely to cut FHA premiums despite credit risks


Though the pandemic recession has driven up the delinquency rate on Federal Housing Administration loans, the president's appointees are widely expected to reduce mortgage insurance premiums by at least 25 basis points to make home loans less expensive.


FHA's capital buoyed by house price appreciation despite higher defaults


The Federal Housing Administration said in its annual actuarial report that capital reserve ratio on its mutual mortgage insurance fund increased to 6.10% in fiscal year 2020, up from 4.84% a year earlier.


Access Denied episode 1: The wealth effect


Net worth disparities and the role housing and mortgage discrimination play in Black homeownership show that it's impossible to close the gaps without eliminating racism.


Bipartisan bill aims to offer savings accounts for down payments


The American Dream Down Payment Act would let states establish and manage accounts, which would be similar in structure to 529 college savings plans.


'We got out early and quickly': FHA chief details coronavirus response


The Federal Housing Administration has provided struggling homeowners with payment flexibility and explored other measures. At the same time, the agency is mindful of protecting itself against downside risks.


Can government do anything to stop mortgage market contraction?


Efforts to calm lenders’ fears about coronavirus-related forbearance may not offset tightening standards, and the FHA is less likely to boost volume than it was during the financial crisis.


Credit Unions with the Largest Portfolios of First Mortgage Loans


On Sep. 30, 2019. Dollars in thousands.


Banks and Thrifts with the Largest Portfolios of First Mortgages


On Sep. 30, 2019. Dollars in thousands.


No, the FHA should not be pushed to the brink again


Now is not the time for the government to cut Federal Housing Administration premiums and enter new segments of the housing market.