Financial regulations

Rubin is removed as Florida banking commissioner by state's cabinet


State regulator Ron Rubin had been asked to resign in May over a sexual harassment complaint, but he attempted to fight the allegations.


Additional regulator won't fix the convoluted regulatory system


Smart rulemaking starts with consolidating multiple agencies into one body with a clear mandate.


Facebook’s bid to break banking


The social media giant says its cryptocurrency project can bring services to the world's unbanked. Lawmakers and regulators aren’t so sure.


How AI can advance the cause of fair lending


Policymakers should consider how new data computing can help ensure equal lending, not hinder it.


Banks, appraisers assail NCUA rule as 'bad public policy'


The National Credit Union Administration caught flak after it approved raising the threshold for appraisals on commercial real estate loans to $1 million.


'Farmers are caught in a liquidity trap'


America's farms have taken on near-record levels of debt in recent years, and commodity prices and trade wars are putting pressure on farm country. That could spell bad news for bankers that lend to them.


Varo Money raises $100M, files deposit insurance application


The new funding comes as the challenger bank inches closer to gaining regulatory approval for a national bank charter.


CECL's uncharted territory


Beginning next year, banks will have to dramatically change the way they account for future credit losses, but experts disagree on the new rule's long-term impact.


FSOC’s proposals would promote financial stability, not undermine it


Focusing regulatory reforms on risk-based activities is a more effective approach to weeding out potential systemic threats.


California on verge of capping rates on installment loans


The legislation, which passed a key test in the state Senate on Wednesday, is the product of a compromise between consumer advocates and some lenders.