Financial regulations

GAO finds Obama-era Fed guidance should have been issued as rules


The Government Accountability Office determined that three Obama-era letters from the central bank related to large-bank supervision should have been submitted for congressional review.


How JPMorgan Chase is helping ex-cons land jobs


The nation's largest bank is hiring former prisoners for entry-level jobs and funding a policy center whose mission will be to help adults with criminal histories reenter the workforce.


Don’t mess with rules curbing derivatives risk


A regulatory proposal to ease the initial margin buffer on certain derivatives trading could be harmful to the economy.


Why reforming Fannie and Freddie is so hard to do


As the administration gears up to end a decade of government control of Fannie and Freddie, are there any good options?


Has banking become too political?


Large banks are increasingly taking stands on social issues like gun rights and climate change. Some see this as a troubling development.


Ruling cuts short debt collectors’ victory lap over CFPB proposal


The industry had welcomed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plan allowing debt collectors to use electronic communication, but some worry about the effect of a court decision concerning email correspondence.


Regulators finalize rule expanding exemption for home appraisals


The three federal banking agencies moved to raise the threshold for residential transactions that require an appraisal from $250,000 to $400,000.


California data privacy compromise in peril


New plans for a ballot initiative in November 2020 threaten to overturn concessions that financial institutions, tech firms and other companies have won from state lawmakers.


Financial abuse of elders is getting worse


Elder financial exploitation is a vast and growing problem in the U.S., and one that presents difficult policy challenges for law enforcement and banks.


Do big credit unions act too much like banks?


From expanding their membership to buying naming rights for major stadiums, big credit unions are taking unfair advantage of their tax exemption, bankers and industry observers argue.