Finance, investment and tax-related legislation

As ex-Equifax CEO testifies, all credit bureaus are on trial


Richard Smith came to Capitol Hill this week to speak about the massive breach at Equifax, but it was clear Tuesday that he will be defending the entire credit reporting industry.


Trump tax plan to boost banks; Morgan Stanley's human bias


While some aspects of the plan would hurt, lower corporate tax rate would increase bank earnings; Wall Street firm thinks the majority of its clients prefer human advisers.


Banking roots remain sticky subject for political hopefuls


A New Jersey politician has downplayed his Goldman Sachs career. The move shows that bankers have a ways to go rebuilding credibility with voters, though factors such as party affiliation, location and the type of banking career also matter.


Despite rhetoric, Dems and GOP want same things from reg reform


Ahead of the House vote Thursday on the Financial Choice Act, the two parties were assailing each other as proxies for Wall Street and painting themselves as defenders of community banking and the consumer.


Payday lenders push for even friendlier rules in Oklahoma


An industry-backed bill that is headed to the desk of Gov. Mary Fallin is seen by critics as an effort to minimize the impact of a potential CFPB crackdown.


Trump, GOP lawmakers united on Dodd-Frank reform


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's upcoming report on how to rewrite financial regulation is likely to end up looking very similar to a Dodd-Frank overhaul plan in the House.


Trump outlines tax priorities, but keeps details vague


Administration and leaders in Congress support some common principles that could help banks.


'Vindictive warlock hunt': Comments of the week


Reader reactions to criticism of Jamie Dimon, the House GOP ganging up on Richard Cordray, a bank's decision to part with Excel to measure credit losses, and more.


Want to ease the regulatory burden? Reform Congress


Efforts at regulatory reform often ignore the source of what led to the overregulation in the first place: the legislative process.


What banks want (and don't want) from tax reform


Bankers are watching Congress for a handful of tax reform provisions that could have a big impact on their business.