Finance, investment and tax-related legislation

4 takeaways from Senate GSE reform hearing


Lawmakers still have a long way to go before enacting housing finance reform, but the testimony could signal how future legislative talks will play out.


Financial firms could not cut ties to firearms clients under GOP bill


The bill by Sens. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., and John Kennedy, R-La., would block banks and credit unions with over $10 billion of assets from refusing service to "customers that may not share the same political values."


The inconvenient truth for GSE reform plans


There’s bipartisan consensus that the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are unsustainable, but that may not be enough for lawmakers to upend the current system.


Banks won’t be able to remain on sidelines of privacy debate


The data breach at Equifax and Facebook's scandals have made data privacy a big issue to state and federal lawmakers. Here's why banks need to be worried.


How hemp legalization could bolster marijuana banking bill


Banks hoping to make working with the cannabis industry easier saw a positive sign this week when Congress removed the prohibition on a less potent substance.


Former Congressional Black Caucus staffer to join industry group


Fabrice Coles, who was the CBC's executive director, will work on consumer and fintech policy issues at the Bank Policy Institute.


What will it take for Congress to act on a data breach?


Familiar recriminations and calls for legislation from lawmakers followed the massive hack of the Starwood hotel chain, but will Capitol Hill actually do anything?


Hensarling urges Senate action on JOBS Act 3.0


The House Financial Services Committee chairman said "so far, the United States Senate has done nothing on a bill that passed" the House with over 400 votes.


Democrat on House banking panel wins Arizona Senate race


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., crafted a moderate message and will head to the Senate after having backed legislation providing banks with regulatory relief.


Backed by banks, Tester wins narrow victory to keep Senate seat


Tester is the only Democratic supporter of the recent regulatory relief package sitting on the Banking Committee to win re-election this fall.