Finance, investment and tax-related legislation

Divided Congress = gridlock for financial services policy


The midterm elections virtually eliminate the chance that progress will be made on financial services legislation.


The candidates getting banks' cash: Top 5 in the Senate


While bankers typically donate more to the political re-election campaigns of Republicans, their giving has shifted more to Democratic incumbents in the Senate for the upcoming midterms.


Democrats stick by Waters for banking panel despite controversy


The 13-term California Democrat is in line to chair the Financial Services Committee if her party wrests control of the House in the November election.


Even with Trump's support, pot banking bill may still fall short


Despite bipartisan support, the latest congressional effort to enable the legal marijuana industry's access to the banking system still faces plenty of roadblocks.


New ICBA chief comes out swinging


Rebeca Romero Rainey, who has been on the job for less than a week, has already slammed postal banking and pressed for more regulatory relief. In a Q&A, she discusses her plans to foster innovation, tackle succession issues and encourage more banks to stay independent.


Bill giving SBA power to stem 7(a) shutdowns passes House


The legislation, which still needs Senate approval, would let the head of the Small Business Administration raise the program's cap in periods of heavy demand.


Gillibrand aims to 'wipe out' payday lenders with postal banking bill


The New York senator offers legislation to empower U.S. post offices to take deposits and make loans.


ICBA to House GOP: Don’t obstruct reg relief


Independent Community Bankers of America CEO Camden Fine said his group “will not participate in making the perfect the enemy of the good” when it comes to further amending the regulatory relief bill.


Florida poised to enact workaround to CFPB payday rule


The legislature has passed a bill that would allow lenders to make installment loans that, in many cases, would be more costly than payment loans. If Gov. Rick Scott signs it, Florida would become the first state to pass a law designed to blunt the impact of the CFPB’s crackdown on high-cost consumer loans.


Can this data security bill succeed where others failed?


A bipartisan bill to establish a federal security framework follows a string of efforts beset by congressional turf battles.