Fannie, Freddie could fix what ails VA, FHA lending


The Trump administration should consider putting much of the subsidized mortgage lending done by the federal government under the government-sponsored enterprises to improve efficiency and transparency.


FHA finances recover despite further reverse mortgage losses


The mortgage insurer’s annual actuarial report showed strength in the agency’s capital reserves even though losses in the “home equity conversion mortgage” program are still a problem.


Reverse mortgage program remains threat to FHA’s financial health


As the Federal Housing Administration prepares to release its annual actuarial report sometime this month, the industry is questioning how the reverse mortgage program fits into the agency's future.


FHA eases document requirements for reverse mortgage insurance claims


The Federal Housing Administration is making it easier for reverse mortgage servicers to submit insurance claims by expanding the types of supporting documentation it will accept on defaulted loans.


Reducing gap between FHA, conventional market is priority: Montgomery


The Federal Housing Administration is looking to streamline its single-family loan servicing requirements to align them with industry standards and upgrade outdated technology.


FHA will require second appraisal for some reverse mortgages


The Federal Housing Administration is mandating that lenders originating new reverse mortgages offer a second property appraisal in certain cases.


FHA revises loss mitigation options for hurricane victims


The new policy, meant to assist borrowers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, will let servicers evaluate borrowers using pre-disaster payment information.


Treasury urges mortgage sector to embrace digital tech


The administration’s recent report on fintech innovation discussed ways to adopt electronic promissory notes — or eNotes — and automated appraisals in federal mortgage programs.


Reverse mortgage program shouldn't be fixed on backs of seniors: FHA chief


Brian Montgomery is examining why the reverse mortgage program has suffered big losses, but he said he opposes any changes that could make it harder for the elderly to stay in their homes.


Housing fund can’t be barred from competing in Washington state: Court


An appeals court has rejected claims by a Washington state housing finance agency that the National Homebuyers Fund is limited to operating in California.