HUD should put entry-level homebuyers first, not special interest groups


The reduction currently under consideration by the Biden Administration would lead to even faster home price appreciation, especially in areas with moderate FHA presence, American Enterprise Institute’s Housing Director of Research Tobias Peter says.


Biden administration likely to cut FHA premiums despite credit risks


Though the pandemic recession has driven up the delinquency rate on Federal Housing Administration loans, the president's appointees are widely expected to reduce mortgage insurance premiums by at least 25 basis points to make home loans less expensive.


HUD nominee pledges to promote affordable housing, work with Congress


Marcia Fudge told senators that her first priority as secretary would be to assist renters and homeowners struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


FHA's capital buoyed by house price appreciation despite higher defaults


The Federal Housing Administration said in its annual actuarial report that capital reserve ratio on its mutual mortgage insurance fund increased to 6.10% in fiscal year 2020, up from 4.84% a year earlier.


CFPB missed opportunity to call out lending discrimination, critics say


The agency’s report on mortgage data submitted by lenders identified persistent disparities between white borrowers and minorities in denial rates and pricing. Some observers say the bureau should have been more explicit as the nation wrestles with systemic racism.


Midland States in Illinois to sell FHA origination platform


The company said the sale will provide more consistent financial results and allow it to redeploy funds to support other businesses.


Agencies extend freeze on foreclosures and evictions to end of year


Both the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Federal Housing Administration are extending relief for homeowners and renters due to the pandemic crisis.


‘I’m a budget nerd’: How new FHA chief is confronting pandemic


Dana Wade, a former OMB official, says a strong capital footing will help the Federal Housing Administration weather an uptick in delinquencies and ensure the mortgage market is viable once the economy recovers.


Housing groups seek change to FHA loan restriction on student debt


An industry coalition wants to ensure borrowers who took out certain types of loans to fund their education aren’t locked out of access to historically low mortgage rates.


Lenders shouldn't waver on monitoring early payment defaults


The key word is "temporary" with the FHA's quality control waiver expiring and not likely to be renewed.