Tax cuts will lead to mortgage boom, right? Wrong, says Dimon


The JPMorgan Chase CEO is rejecting arguments that banks are poised to loosen underwriting standards to win more mortgage business. He said what's needed to encourage banks to make more loans to borrowers with spotty credit files are changes to FHA rules and other policy fixes.


Tech fixes will bring more business to FHA, top HUD official says


Adolfo Marzol, an official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is optimistic that technological improvements and other changes can help draw Federal Housing Administration lenders back to the fold.


Laurie Maggiano, HAMP architect, CFPB program manager, dies at 64


Laurie Maggiano, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's program manager for servicing and secondary markets, died on Sunday.


Procedural move will delay top Fed, FHA, FDIC nominations


More than 100 pending Trump administration nominees, including Fed Chair-designate Jerome Powell, must update their financial disclosures and have the White House resubmit their names for consideration by the Senate.


FHA faces uphill struggle to win lenders back


HUD Secretary Ben Carson has spent much of his first year trying to convince lenders they wouldn't be harshly penalized if FHA-guaranteed loans went bad. But he still has a ways to go.


Senate confirms HUD nominees, but not Montgomery for FHA


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and four other Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee are insisting on a recorded vote by the full Senate for the nomination of Brian Montgomery as Federal Housing Administration commissioner.


FHA condo loans slipped under Obama. Trump’s HUD eyes a comeback


The Obama administration had tried to ease restrictions on the Federal Housing Administration's condominium program, but the agency under President Trump is seen as moving more aggressively.


FHA borrowers pay steep price to keep reverse mortgage program afloat


The fundamental conclusion of the Federal Housing Administration’s fiscal year 2017 actuarial review is that the financial problems of the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program keep getting worse.


FHA ceases approvals of PACE loans, citing taxpayer risk


The ban on financing properties encumbered by heating and cooling assessments will go into effect in 20 days, according to the Federal Housing Administration.


FHA loan limits get a boost for 2018


The maximum loan amount for Federal Housing Administration mortgages will go up in more than 3,000 counties for 2018.