FHA faces uphill struggle to win lenders back


HUD Secretary Ben Carson has spent much of his first year trying to convince lenders they wouldn't be harshly penalized if FHA-guaranteed loans went bad. But he still has a ways to go.


HSBC escapes prosecution as U.S. ends 5-year deferred deal


The move signals that the Justice Department is satisfied with the bank’s upgrades to its compliance systems after it was ensnared in a money-laundering scandal in Mexico.


Ex-banker's acquittal elicits shouts of joy as U.S. stumbles


The trial of Stefan Buck was an unusual courtroom showdown in the decade-old fight by the U.S. against tax evasion aided by financial institutions in Switzerland.


Apex Bank in Tenn. to buy two branches from Capital Bank


The Tennessee branches are being sold as part of First Horizon's deal to buy Capital.


Do Justice and HUD see eye to eye on False Claims Act enforcement?


Trump officials have made clear their intent to reexamine how Federal Housing Administration lenders are cited under the False Claims Act, but whether that means lenders can rest easier is an open question.


Barclays, U.S. are said to renew talks over toxic mortgages


Barclays and the Justice Department, engaged in a legal battle over the suspected fraudulent sale of mortgage securities a decade ago, have revived discussions about reaching an out-of-court settlement, according to people with knowledge of the situation.


Choke Point is officially over, Justice Department says


The Trump administration says it has put a stop to Operation Choke Point, a controversial initiative aimed at discouraging financial institutions from servicing high-risk businesses.


PHH to pay $75M False Claims Act settlement with DOJ


PHH Corp. will pay the Justice Department $75 million to settle a False Claims Act investigation of its underwriting practices on government-insured mortgages and loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Senators ask AG Sessions to halt Choke Point


Despite assurances that the Department of Justice crackdown on banks' third-party relationships is ceasing, lawmakers say it is still having an impact.


HSBC in talks with U.S. to end crisis-era mortgage probe


If HSBC reaches an agreement with the government, it could give an early indication of how the Trump administration will levy financial penalties.