Manafort mortgage bought bank CEO spot as Trump adviser: prosecutors


A new court filing suggests that Stephen Calk was named to a 13-member economic advisory team in 2016 in exchange for approving a $9.5 million loan to former campaign manager Paul Manafort.


Dems suggest CFPB nominee had role in ‘zero-tolerance’ border policy


Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown sought details on whether an OMB official was involved in the policy of separating children from their parents.


DOJ's effort to stop 'piling on' banks a good first step


The Justice Department announced this month that it would seek to reduce duplicative penalties against banks, although more reforms are needed to rein in other agencies.


Banks are sitting ducks for ADA lawsuits


Several dozen banks have been accused of operating websites that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here’s why trial lawyers are targeting them and are expected to sue more.


Ex-CEO whose bank hid drug cash is said to face criminal probe


A river of drug-cartel money flowed through the U.S. arm of Dutch banking giant Rabobank, and now federal investigators are pursuing criminal cases against former senior executives for allegedly covering it up.


Small bank's redlining settlement a cautionary tale in fighting the government


After a long battle with the Justice Department over redlining charges, KleinBank caved as legal costs soared.


Rod Rosenstein signals era of big corporate penalties is ending


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein thinks some companies are overpaying for their crimes, and he wants that to stop.


HSBC's surprise: An $897M charge for toxic U.S. mortgages


Costs rose at the global bank, profit in North America fell 16%, and questions are mounting for new CEO John Flint ahead of the release of his strategic plan.


Four former Wilmington Trust executives found guilty of loan fraud


Attorneys for then President Robert Harra said he is innocent and will file an appeal. The case centers on a scheme said to have been carried out during the crisis years, before the bank was sold to M&T.


Barclays to pay $2 billion to settle mortgage securities suit


The investigation targeted 36 residential mortgage-backed securities deals involving $31 billion worth of loans, more than half of which defaulted, according to the Justice Department.