Can FHA's promise of softer enforcement get lenders back on board?


The industry welcomed a proposed overhaul of how the government identifies False Claims Act violations, but some say it remains to be seen if the changes are enough to satisfy companies that had bolted.


Pot banking reform gets a boost from Barr endorsement


The attorney general told lawmakers that exempting states that have legalized marijuana from the federal ban is better than the current system where state and federal laws are in conflict.


Community bankers alarmed after big banks backtrack on faster-payments pricing


In 2016, a big-bank consortium said that it would charge the same prices to all institutions, regardless of their size. But now the group has added a large caveat to that pledge.


Standard Chartered to pay $1B to end probes of Iran business


The agreement with U.S. and U.K. regulators is on top of the $667 million it paid to U.S. authorities in 2012 for its handling of transactions that violated economic sanctions against Iran.


Deutsche Bank, the DOJ and how $4B in aid to distressed homeowners evaporated


The bank agreed to modify loans to struggling U.S. borrowers as part of a 2017 settlement. Instead, it’s receiving credit for financing new mortgages that likely would have been made anyway.


Deutsche Bank reverses pledge to help distressed homeowners


The funds the bank promised to spend on consumer relief will instead be used to make new home loans, according to a report by the monitor of its 2017 settlement with the U.S. Justice Department.


Barr eases pot banking concerns, but banks still in limbo


Attorney General-nominee William Barr signaled this week he was not likely to crack down on financial institutions serving pot businesses, but even if he is confirmed and sticks with his assurance, the situation is far from resolved


Manafort, Cohen cases highlight banks' vulnerability to fraud


Time and again, two former associates of President Trump deceived banks in connection with loan applications. Their wealth, proximity to power and willingness to tell big lies all appear to have helped them get away with brazen schemes.


Are more banks tangled up in Danske money-laundering scandal?


Danish lawmakers say that the probe currently focused on Danske Bank should be expanded to include more firms.


Bank that lent Manafort millions makes claim on his pricey real estate


The Federal Savings Bank is trying to persuade a judge to look beyond its CEO's alleged complicity in a fraud perpetrated by President Trump's former campaign chair.