House Dems to CFPB chief: Use the authority Congress gave you


Members of the House Financial Services Committee chastised Kathy Kraninger for not supervising student loan servicers and failing to examine firms for compliance with the Military Lending Act.


Sens. Warren, Brown call on CFPB to suspend task force


In a letter to CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger, the Democratic senators argue that task force members cannot be trusted to protect consumers because they have represented payday lenders or Wall Street banks, or worked at law firms that do so.


Coup for community banks could spell disaster for industry


The recent Dodd-Frank rollbacks for smaller banks could encourage risk-taking that leads to a systemic issue.


CFPB at long last defines enigmatic ‘abusive’ standard


In the past, the agency cited the legal term in enforcement actions without stating what it meant, but Director Kathy Kraninger has sought to give the industry clearer guidance.


CFPB backers tell high court that agency's structure is legal


Democratic lawmakers, state attorneys general and others filed briefs with the Supreme Court rebutting claims that the agency’s leadership structure is unconstitutional.


Fed to propose 'covered funds' revamp in Volcker Rule


Regulators already finalized a rollback of the proprietary trading ban section of the rule but signaled then that their overhaul was not finished.


A plan to give CFPB’s new task force some teeth


The new group should look at protecting consumer data and how nonprime financial consumers are treated through new regulations.


Lawyer picked to defend CFPB before high court backs agency structure


The Supreme Court appointed Paul Clement to represent the agency after the bureau’s current director questioned its constitutionality.


GOP lawmaker's bill would repeal small-business loan rules


New legislation in Congress seeks to do away with a data-collection mandate that addressed discrimination in business lending. The repeal measure has the support of two bank industry groups based in Washington.


Banking 2025: Can regulators catch up to tech changes?


Policymaking has moved at an agonizingly slow speed compared with the exponential growth of technology, leaving regulators and lawmakers facing a huge task over how to keep up.