Will pandemic compel Congress to ease bank capital requirements?


Lawmakers don't appear ready to relax requirements yet, but they may do so in future legislation in hopes of spurring more bank lending.


CFPB chief welcomes GOP focus on restructuring of agency


Kathy Kraninger told the House Financial Services Committee that she supports proposed action to revamp the bureau's leadership framework following a major Supreme Court decision.


Fed's Powell makes case why Congress should relax bank capital rule


As Senate Republicans consider a new coronavirus relief package, the Federal Reserve chairman said easing the so-called Collins amendment would help financial institutions support the economy.


CFPB to propose rules for how companies access customer data


The agency plans to issue an advance notice of proposed rulemaking dealing with efforts by fintechs and data aggregators to leverage a consumer's bank account information.


Obama touts Dodd-Frank's staying power


Commemorating the law's anniversary, the ex-president, joined by former Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, said years of tenacious GOP opposition did little to change the post-crisis regulatory regime.


No bank should be paying dividends right now


The Fed’s recent action capping dividend payments might prove inadequate once the coronavirus crisis really hits banks’ capital.


Dodd-Frank at 10: How regulation has (and hasn't) changed since law's passage


Policymakers have eased some rules and the Supreme Court recently dealt a blow to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But as the landmark legislation approaches its 10th anniversary, the post-crisis regulatory regime has stayed largely intact.


10 years after bruising Dodd-Frank fight, is bipartisanship returning?


Rancor between Democrats and Republicans has made it hard to enact subsequent bills. But the 2018 reg relief package and more recent legislation offer hope for efforts to reach across the aisle.


Dodd-Frank has softened blow of pandemic, its authors say


Chris Dodd and Barney Frank said the legislation — nearing its 10th anniversary — put banks in position to be a stabilizing force during the coronavirus crisis.


After ruling, stage set for new battles over CFPB's future


The Supreme Court threw out a key statutory provision concerning the agency’s leadership structure, but the presidential election and possible legislative reforms could bring about more changes to the embattled bureau.