Bankers are holding their breath over Biden


The industry dodged a bullet after the former vice president outlasted more progressive rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. But some worry the presumptive nominee will have to consider calls for tougher regulation from his party's liberal wing.


CFPB rulemaking engine churns on through coronavirus


The agency is still moving forward on key regulations dealing with payday lending and mortgage underwriting despite new demands posed by the crisis.


The $2T stimulus isn't a ‘bailout.’ It’s a ventilator.


Critics who argue this crisis mirrors the 2008 financial panic when Congress bailed out banks have it wrong. The new relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic was necessary to save livelihoods, and more can be done.


Dodd-Frank didn’t build stress testing for coronavirus


Requiring banks to test themselves is likely to be a waste of time in the current crisis, says a former Senate Banking counsel.


Does FSOC have a role to play in coronavirus response?


After budget cuts and a strategic transition, the interagency body conceived by Dodd-Frank to identify systemic threats has largely been silent as the pandemic roils the economy.


Calls for CECL delay expose standard's flaws


If the new accounting standard poses too many risks during an economic crisis, then it's probably not a good idea at all.


Fed moves telegraph fears of prolonged liquidity crisis


The central bank's sweeping actions suggest a cash shortage gripping sectors directly hit by the pandemic. Banks were supposed to be protected by Dodd-Frank but are still vulnerable to a funding domino effect.


Nothing to suggest trickle-down monetary policy will suddenly work


The Fed must set up a ‘family financial facility’ that sends billions to households and small businesses so banks don’t misdirect relief funds.


Virus scare creates perfect storm for mortgage lenders


Refinancing activity is surging, existing borrowers are inquiring about loan modifications, loan closings are being delayed by more complex credit checks — and banks are short on people to handle it all.


How regulators can kick COVID-19’s bank shock into remission


There are several forbearance measures the agencies can take now to keep banks from failing in a downturn triggered by the coronavirus.