Pandemic slowed membership, lending to slowest growth rate in years


A new report from CUNA Mutual Group shows just how much COVID-19 and the economic slowdown impacted the credit union industry in 2020.


What finally brought M&T and People's United together


M&T had long coveted the Connecticut regional but couldn't make a deal work. Their merger is the latest example of regional banks joining forces to compete in an industry undergoing rapid transformation.


NCUA chief warns of new deposit insurance premiums


Todd Harper, chairman of the National Credit Union Administration, said new assessments are likely needed because of an influx of deposits, but industry groups and other board members say the agency should wait to see if the reserve ratio recovers on its own.


Deposit glut weighs on regional banks


Harris Simmons of Zions Bancorp. warned that excess deposits could suppress loan demand and pose an inflation threat, while Darren King of M&T tried to reassure investors that deposits will be less volatile than some fear once the economy improves.


Banxico to finance banks that can’t dispose of dollars in U.S.


Mexico’s central bank is set to announce Monday that it will lend money to local banks that can’t find U.S. financial institutions to take their stashes of bulk cash in dollars, according to a draft of a statement seen by Bloomberg News.


Managing excess liquidity getting tougher for banks


Comerica, Citizens Financial and other companies are buying up securities, paying off high-cost borrowing and trying to develop specialty lending niches. But loan growth remains weak, and the likelihood of extreme volatility in deposits makes it hard to plan ahead.


Deposit glut ties Regions' hands


Deposits are soaring while loan demand lags and mortgage-backed securities offer weak returns. So the Alabama company has parked loads of cash at the Fed in hopes the economy will pick up steam before profit margins suffer.


10 ways coronavirus upended credit union industry in 2020


From dealing with a flood of deposits to working with examiners virtually, credit unions were forced to quickly adapt to a new normal after the pandemic hit. Here's a look at some of the biggest changes and challenges they faced.


FDIC finishes long-awaited rules on brokered funds, ILCs


The revamp of the brokered deposits framework offers relief to banks and their partners that saw the prior rule as outdated. Meanwhile, new standards for industrial loan company parents aim to clarify the bank chartering process for fintechs and other nontraditional firms.


FDIC board to consider brokered deposit, ILC rules at public meeting


The agency's principals are scheduled to meet Dec. 15 to vote on a new definition for brokered deposits and on regulatory standards for industrial bank parents.