Bankers fight bill to let credit unions take public deposits in Florida


State law bars credit unions from accepting deposits from cities, counties and other government entities. Florida banks say it should stay that way unless tax advantages for credit unions are removed, but credit unions counter that banks are trying to stifle competition.


Is this the real reason big banks have upper hand in deposit growth?


Big banks’ edge lies in their sizable presence in faster-growing cities, not any unfair structural or regulatory advantages, according to a new report by the Bank Policy Institute, which represents large financial services companies. Community banks beg to differ.


Madison’s a tough nut for banks to crack


The small Wisconsin city features a vibrant economy, low employment and a growing population, but banks that want to buy their way into the market have their work cut out.


A simple fix to brokered-deposit battle


The FDIC should consider limiting its toughest restrictions on brokered deposits to problem banks.


A side benefit of JPMorgan Chase’s branch expansion


Its move into new states will allow the nation’s largest bank to pursue the loan and deposit business of more state and local governments.


Tech-averse bank warms to digital banking


For years Carter Bank in Virginia had resisted technology of all kinds — even ATMs. But a leadership change, rising rates and a thirst for low-cost deposits finally led to a change in philosophy.


Community bankers brace for rough year — and worse 2020


Concerns about an economic slowdown, rising deposit prices and cybersecurity abound, a survey found.


FDIC crackdown on brokered deposits goes too far: ABA report


A legal memo conducted on behalf of the trade group says the agency’s policy goes beyond statutory intent and places undue restrictions on healthy banks.


Have bank profits peaked?


The answer depends who you ask, but an analysis of deposit and loan trends offers some insight.


What's driving these fintech companies' deposit grab?


Aspiration, Wealthfront and SoFi have all begun offering high-yield savings accounts during the past few weeks.