De novo institutions

Louisiana group applies to form Native American bank


Organizers representing five tribes aim to create a financial institution to serve their members.


Proposed Tennessee de novo gets conditional regulatory approval


Organizers of Rockpoint Bank still need to raise $30 million before opening.


Organizers plan women-owned bank in Houston


The proposed Agility Bank would rely heavily on digital offerings. It is pursing a national charter with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.


Organizers plan new bank in Georgia


A former market president for State Bank Financial would serve as CEO of the proposed Classic City Bank.


FDIC approves application for Florida de novo bank


Organizers of Coastal Community Bank must raise $19.5 million before opening.


North Carolina de novo to open after raising $50 million


Triad Business Bank, which will immediately have offices in three cities, will debut next week.


FDIC approves application for proposed Ohio de novo


Organizers of Riverside Bank of Dublin will need to raise $18 million before opening.


De novo activity has gone silent. What happened?


Challenging business conditions, exacerbated by coronavirus fears, have disrupted organizers' planning efforts.


Florida de novo gets FDIC approval


Organizers of Gulf Atlantic Bank must raise $12 million in capital before opening.


FDIC aims to smooth de novo process for nontraditional firms


The agency released two new manual supplements and other materials to help nonbanks and its own staff better understand application procedures.