De novo institutions

Houston de novo effort secures conditional regulatory approval


Agility Bank, one of two women-led groups seeking charters, is looking to open next spring.


Arizona group receives conditional approval to open a de novo bank


Organizers of Scottsdale Community Bank must raise $16 million. The goal is to hit that goal and open by early 2021.


Group with ties to Michigan brokerage firm applies to form a bank


The proposed Multi-Bank shares an address with the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., office of Multi-Bank Securities.


Organizers propose 'values-based' bank in Florida


Climate First Bank, which would be led by veteran banker Ken LaRoe, would offer loans to help individuals and organizations make environmentally sound decisions.


Coronavirus dims outlook for new credit union charters


The National Credit Union Administration generally only approves a handful of charters each year, but sustained economic troubles are likely to make launching a new institution even more challenging.


Organizers plan de novo bank in San Francisco area


New Enterprise Bank, which would focus on serving "innovative firms," plans to open next year.


Wells Fargo's AI, Amex's Kabbage buy, refi fee fallout: Top stories of the week


When customers contact Wells Fargo, its artificial intelligence system goes to work; what American Express is getting with it purchase of Kabbage; Fannie, Freddie refi fee will wipe out millions in mortgage profits; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Is Texas commissioner sending message with de novo rejection?


Observers say the rare denial is rooted in skepticism that a new bank can succeed under current economic conditions and a signal to other proposed banks to hit the pause button.


Organizers lay out ambitious plan for New Orleans de novo bank


ViZ Bank would eventually have branches across several major U.S. cities, including Dallas, Denver and Atlanta. It would also offer a program to help former inmates build savings and establish credit.


Florida trust company applies to become a state-chartered bank


Cypress Trust Co. has requested deposit insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.