De novo institutions

Group plans new bank in Houston


The coastal city quickly rebounded after being hit by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.


Organizers planning de novo bank in North Carolina


Triad Business Bank adds to the list of de novo efforts taking place in the state.


De novo effort in Atlanta gets one step closer to opening


Tandem Bank has approval from the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance as its aims to become the state's first new bank since the financial crisis.


Small core providers see de novos as a ‘land grab’ opportunity


Alternative providers like courting new banks. De novos like the modern features many alternative providers offer upfront.


Michigan de novo surpasses capital goal, plans May opening


MiCommunity Bancorp, which will be Michigan's first new bank since the financial crisis, raised $30 million in initial capital.


De novo group aims to open first Utah bank in decade-plus


Organizers of the Bank of St. George have filed an application with the FDIC and state regulators and plan a public stock offering.


Moynihan's call for unity, CFPB payday revamp, Morgan Stanley's AI strategy: Top stories of the week


'There is no division in our industry': BofA's Moynihan says; why CFPB's payday revamp is an even bigger deal than you think; Morgan Stanley's new data strategy for higher quality AI; and more from this week's most-read stories.


For de novos, the hardest part about starting up is staffing up


New banks need to add loans to turn a profit. The problem for many is finding the lenders necessary to make that happen.


Post-crisis organizers find a whole new de novo ballgame


While regulators now seem eager to help, organizers are discovering that they must raise more capital and have diverse business models to get charters approved.


North Carolina de novo inches closer to opening


Community Bank of the Carolinas must raise about $4 million before becoming the state’s first new bank since the financial crisis.