Data security

Facebook crypto exec meets congressional firing squad


Resistance to Libra on the Senate Banking Committee was bipartisan, and other takeaways from Tuesday’s hearing.


Will Libra force Congress to act on data protection?


Almost two years after the Equifax breach led to a congressional uproar but minimal policy change, the protracted fight to enact data security and privacy reform has a new bogeyman.


Is facial recognition safe for financial institutions to use?


The technology has become controversial for its potential for bias. Notre Dame professor Kevin Bowyer explains what his studies of this issue have found.


Equifax breach still poses fraud risk at four government agencies: GAO


The watchdog and three Democratic lawmakers urged the agencies to stop using knowledge-based verification methods to grant access to their online portals.


Brown blasts data brokers' refusal to testify to Senate banking panel


The top Democrat on the Banking Committee suggested the absence of data brokers at a hearing on privacy legislation was "cowardice."


Crapo, Brown probe Facebook over financial data collection


Sens. Mike Crapo and Sherrod Brown are asking Facebook about its consumer financial data collection practices as they consider data privacy legislation.


TD Bank’s calculated shift to the cloud


The North American banking giant is making a gradual yet concerted effort to migrate applications to Microsoft’s cloud, but there are still sensitive operations and pieces of data that it’s holding back on for now.


Apple Card: 7 key takeaways


Apple's new credit card isn't just another virtual card in its virtual wallet. It borrows a lot of features from the most successful brands in payments and technology.


The states at the forefront of consumer privacy legislation


California and others have passed consumer privacy laws, and lawmakers in Congress are beginning to address the issue.


House banking panel bemoans credit bureaus' 'oligopoly'


The root of the credit reporting sector’s problems may be its dominance by a handful of big firms, lawmakers from both parties said at a hearing.