Data security

Data privacy regs abroad put even finest digital tools to the test


Technology has helped banks expand globally, but complying with country-specific laws restricting data flows is a constant struggle.


SBA says data breach affected nearly 8,000 small businesses


Small-business owners applying for Economic Injury Disaster Loans could see another applicant's information if they hit the back button.


OCC did its part to secure customer data. Now it’s CFPB’s turn.


The Comptroller's Office has provided banks with guidance on how to structure relationships with data aggregators. Now the bureau needs to focus on the bank-consumer connection.


State privacy bills try to cut banks a break, but not completely


Recent proposals considered or passed by legislatures around the country grant banks certain exemptions, but they differ from state to state and may pose new compliance headaches.


Security isn't banks' only hang-up about moving to cloud


Liability for missteps by vendors, jurisdictional headaches tied to locations of servers and legacy technology are other potential impediments.


Should banks expect cyberattacks from Iran?


Iranian hackers have a history of targeting U.S. banks. Security experts discussed how bankers can prepare themselves if such attacks are renewed as part of a response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani.


Mastercard seeks to create collaborative data standards


Responding to the fast pace of payments technology and its impact on privacy and data security, Mastercard plans to recruit a range of companies, educational institutions and agencies to produce a set of best practices.


Don’t buy what Zuckerberg’s selling on Libra


Facebook’s cryptocurrency would not help underserved communities, despite the claims of its CEO, who is slated to appear before Congress this week.


Does Amazon-Google-Microsoft hold on the cloud pose a risk to banking?


With financial institutions relying more and more on cloud computing services, Washington is increasingly focused on the concentration of industry data in the big three technology giants.


Bad actors targeting fintech aggregators: Fincen chief


Kenneth Blanco expressed concern in a speech about cyber criminals using "synthetic identities" to commit fraud with data stolen from fintech platforms.