Data security

U.S. Bank embraces open banking with data-sharing agreements


The bank has developed APIs to feed customer data directly to seven fintechs and data aggregators, including MX and Finicity.


Is multiple choice the right way to go on cybersecurity standards?


Regulators are letting banks choose from among four security frameworks, but some observers are urging a more prescriptive approach.


6 banking issues to watch when Congress reconvenes


When lawmakers return from their August recess, there are a host of unresolved financial policy issues — from marijuana banking to anti-money-laundering rule — to greet them.


Waters meets with Swiss officials to discuss Facebook's crypto plans


House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and a bipartisan congressional delegation met with Swiss government officials last week to discuss Facebook’s plans to launch and operate a digital currency.


Apple Card: 10 key takeaways


Apple's new credit card isn't just another virtual card in its virtual wallet. It borrows a lot of features from the most successful brands in payments and technology.


Safeguard data on kids, reap customer retention rewards


Banks have to do a better job of protecting personal information about their customers' children.


Capital One breach clouds the cloud; Libra's silver lining


The hack prompts renewed concerns about security of data held in the cloud; lawmakers acknowledge that Facebook’s proposed Libra cryptocurrency could have applications for law enforcement.


Top data-sharing groups close in on a single standard


OFX is used by 7,000 banks while FDX is used by 2 million consumers. The two standards are converging.


Equifax fine punches a hole in data security culture


The timing of the settlement serves as a warning to other companies of the risks they face in an increasingly data-focused economy.


Equifax nears $700 million settlement of probes into data breach


The agreement with authorities including the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general — and possibly the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — may be announced as soon as Monday.