Data management

Consumers have too little control over how their data is shared


Despite tougher privacy regulations, further safeguards are needed that require consumers' clear consent before personal information is exchanged.


OCC fines Morgan Stanley $60 million for 2016 data breach


The regulator found that the financial services company failed to take precautions in disposing of hardware that contained sensitive customer information.


Fed CRA plan seen as bridging divide with OCC


The agencies are still at odds over how to reform the scoring system in Community Reinvestment Act exams, but experts say the central bank’s recent draft proposal suggests a deal could be struck.


CFPB data collection rule could exempt smallest small-business lenders


The agency finally detailed how it may implement congressional requirements to collect information on credit to small businesses. Lenders below certain asset thresholds and that make few business loans could be off the hook.


Put bank exam council in charge of data privacy


The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council is best suited to craft uniform policies to protect consumer data. A patchwork of state rules is cumbersome.


Outsourcing PPP, stress-test fallout, SCOTUS’ CFPB ruling: Top stories of the week


As PPP enters forgiveness phase, some banks see outsourcing as best move; after the Fed’s stress tests, Wells Fargo to cut dividend while other big banks boost capital buffer; Supreme Court strikes down CFPB leadership structure; and more from this week’s most-read stories.


Data privacy regs abroad put even finest digital tools to the test


Technology has helped banks expand globally, but complying with country-specific laws restricting data flows is a constant struggle.


Karen Peetz to join Citi in newly created role


The veteran banker will serve as chief administrative officer, with responsibilities that include strengthening Citi’s data architecture, creating greater consistency in its dealings with regulators and enhancing its efforts to combat money laundering.


TD Bank confronts vexing problem of connecting disparate data


The Toronto company is testing new software from Cinchy that lets its technology teams visualize how datasets spread across departments might work together to make client referrals or collaborate with fintechs.


OCC did its part to secure customer data. Now it’s CFPB’s turn.


The Comptroller's Office has provided banks with guidance on how to structure relationships with data aggregators. Now the bureau needs to focus on the bank-consumer connection.