Corporate ethics

Simmons First adds former regulator to its board


Julie Stackhouse retired last year as an executive vice president at the St. Louis Fed, where she supervised bank holding companies and state member banks in the region.


Bankers embrace new guidelines for ethical AI


Regions, Citizens, BMO and others are adopting principles IBM unveiled at Davos.


Citigroup’s Corbat issues call to action on equal pay, opportunity for women


Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat said that unconscious bias has contributed to inequality in the workplace despite a decades-long effort by many companies to promote women.


Image enhancement: How Citi is restoring its good name


Once a poster child for corporate wrongdoing, Citi has bolstered its reputation by taking bold stands on polarizing social issues, such as climate change and gun control, and declaring its commitment to move more women and minorities into managerial roles. Here's how it aims to do even better.


Did BNY Mellon violate ‘code of conduct’ in dealings with a community bank?


The New York bank says it acted appropriately in withholding the collateral on a loan to a developer that First Foundation Bank later refinanced. First Foundation’s CEO begs to differ.


Warren doubles down on ending ‘too big to jail’


The Massachusetts senator introduced legislation Wednesday that would require executives of large corporations to serve jail time when their companies commit crimes, including for violations of civil law.


Wells Fargo's Sloan to Congress: 'We are taking responsibility'


Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan said that the megabank has worked to address past issues and is equally committed to preventing new problems from arising, despite reports suggesting otherwise.


Wells Fargo bends to critics in its latest response to scandals


In a lengthy report released Wednesday, the bank pledged to protect whistleblowers, better handle customer complaints and re-examine its lending practices.