Consumer Contracts

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I'm trying something new this year.


Uber Helps Me Revise My Contracts Syllabus


I've been meaning to post about this recent decision, by Judge Rakoff in the Southern District of New York, denying motions by Uber and its CEO Travis Kalanick to compel arbitration of a class action lawsuit.


DIRECTV v. Imburgia Decided, Surprises No One


Earlier I posted about DIRECTV v. Imburgia. To recap the issue: DIRECTV's contract with subscribers (i) required arbitration, (ii) forbade class actions, and (iii) provided for litigation in court if "the law of [the subscriber's] state" refused to enforce the class action waiver. California law refuses to enforce class action waivers in some circumstances, but this law is preempted by the Federal Arbitration Act.


Credit Slips Unofficial Contest: Win Everything (all the glory that is)


Shutterstock_309261569Credit Slips has great readers, and I'd love to encourage more of our readership to comment.


Clickwrap Contracts and the Federal Government


The government is a major player in the marketplace as a buyer of goods and services, but legal scholars seldom pay attention to the law governing federal acquisitions. As it turns out this nearly completely ignored branch of contract law is actually way ahead of the curve, at least on the question of shrinkwrap and clickwrap contracts.  Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations contains the Federal Acquisition Regulations promulgated by the General Services Administration.