Supreme Court ruling could mean more ADA lawsuits tied to bank websites


The court passed up a recent opportunity to clarify confusion about Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for business websites, raising concerns among bankers that they could become an even more inviting litigation target.


'Litigation threats are destroying innovation': Comments of the week


Readers react to a regulator's promise to reduce regulation that hinders innovation, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to impose heavier taxes on lobby groups, Freddie Mac's exploration into AI and more.


California gives more cover to firms banking pot businesses


Officials said Thursday that they will not take regulatory action against state-chartered banks and credit unions solely for serving licensed cannabis businesses.


Dear banker: It ain’t easy being a regulator


Banks need to understand that examiners' job is to call it like they see it.


California data privacy compromise in peril


New plans for a ballot initiative in November 2020 threaten to overturn concessions that financial institutions, tech firms and other companies have won from state lawmakers.


CFPB complaint portal will remain public, with changes banks sought


The agency put to rest speculation that it might take the database offline, yet new disclosure statements are meant to combat the notion that a complaint proves a company’s guilt.


Deutsche Bank says it has returns requested by subpoenas


Deutsche Bank confirmed that it has tax returns requested by U.S. lawmakers seeking financial information for President Donald Trump and his family. Whose returns are those? That's still a secret.


What's left of the Volcker Rule after the final rewrite?


After two regulatory agencies adopted final revisions to the rule, Dodd-Frank defenders expressed concern that the amendments to the proprietary trading ban undermined the post-crisis statute.


Beware the privacy risks that come with a crypto venture


The Financial Action Task Force’s recent guidance on data privacy regulations should serve as a warning to companies planning to test virtual currencies.


FHA revises proposed mortgage lender certification


The Federal Housing Administration updated its lender certification proposal originally issued this past May, as it looks to ease industry concerns on False Claims Act enforcement.