Commercial lending

Hotel lending: Banks in ‘race against time’


Hospitality sector credits are coming out of forebearance just as coronavirus cases surge. Restructurings and charge-offs could mount unless vaccine distribution happens quickly enough to jump-start travel by mid-2021.


Fed to return lending-backstop funds to Treasury as requested


The move comes a day after the Federal Reserve had balked at the Treasury Department's demand that it return funds meant for pandemic relief that have so far gone unused.


Global banking group issues carbon accounting standards


The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials recently released a methodology for measuring the environmental impact of loans and investments, a key hurdle to the banking industry's long-term goal of net-zero emissions tied to its portfolios.


Was reboot of this Fed crisis-relief program a bust?


The Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility was brought back to inject $100 billion into the pandemic-battered economy, but only a fraction has been disbursed. Yet experts, pointing to its calming effects on markets, recommend that it be extended into next year.


Lower loan balances sticking around for a while, bankers say


Lending opportunities have become scarce, especially with commercial borrowers, and banks are resisting the temptation to relax standards to boost volume.


BMO Financial pledges $5 billion to tackle U.S. racial wealth gap


The Toronto parent of BMO Harris Bank has joined a growing list of banks directing billions of dollars toward affordable housing and loans to low- and moderate-income communities.


Banks tighten standards on consumer, commercial loans


Demand trends were mixed in the third quarter, with consumers showing more willingness than businesses to take on new debt, according to the Fed’s most recent survey on bank lending practices.


Bankers talk around lending prospects, talk up need for stimulus


Executives from a half-dozen major financial institutions avoided detailed commercial lending forecasts and gave a mixed outlook on consumer credit at an industry conference. And they called on Washington to pass an aid package targeted at the most troubled business sectors as soon as it can.


Hawaii banks gird for prolonged tourism slump


A prosperous decade leading up to the pandemic had left lenders in good shape, but they're worried the economic shock to the state's most vital industry could linger into 2022.


Florida bank aims for first-mover edge in financing search funds


Professional Holding has opened an office close to Boston to make loans to aspiring CEOs — often recent business school graduates — who are looking to buy their first businesses.