Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Florida - Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer


Bankruptcy Petition Schedules Reveal Your Basic Information


Filing a bankruptcy petition is a process in which you disclose important information about your assets, your debts and your income and expenses. Anyone looking at your petition can usually see all they need to know about your financial condition by studying your bankruptcy schedules.


How to Afford Bankruptcy, Followup


The Fifth Circuit, covering Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, has joined the First Circuit in ruling that there is no per se prohibition against fee-only Chapter 13 filings.


Electronic Payment Options Come to Southern Illinois Bankruptcy Court


Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors can send monthly plan payments electronically to the chapter 13 trustee under a new program available in the Southern District of Illinois Bankruptcy Court – East St. Louis division.


Stripping a second mortgage


Due to the decline in home values over the last few years, many people now find themselves with mortgage balances on their homes that exceed the value of their home. Many homeowners are underwater on their homes because of a second mortgage. Bankruptcy can provide relief to those people by stripping second mortgages provided certain [...]