Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Can I Pay One Debt Better Than Others?


Everyone with debts has at least one bill they’d like to pay, even if they can’t pay them all.  So if you are already filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and repaying some debt, why not treat some better than others?


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Not As Big A Pain As You May Have Heard


Despite What You May Have Heard, Chapter 13 Has Advantages… Most people don’t want to file for bankruptcy at all, but if pressed, will choose chapter 7 over chapter 13 every time. After all, who wants to be in bankruptcy for 3-5 years? At first blush, it certainly sounds like a raw deal. Lori Patton [...]


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: the Top Five Reasons


Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy for consumers that allows them to make payments on certain debts, restructure others, and discharge some (or all) unsecured, non-priority obligations.  The leading 5 reasons to file such a bankruptcy are:


Should I Be Worried About Going To My Meeting of Creditors?


After you file a bankruptcy case, you are required to attend a meeting of creditors.  This is scheduled for about a month after your petition is filed, and is usually the only appearance you will need to make during the bankruptcy process. Should you be nervous about it? Probably not, especially if your bankruptcy lawyer knows what he or she is doing.


Bankruptcy is the Ultimate Protection from Florida’s Corrupt Foreclosure System


For Floridians, Federal Bankruptcy Court is proving to be a far superior avenue for actually saving homes than our state court judicial system.