Crypto crackdown? That's a lot of hype, too


Fears about regulators coming down on digital currency trading caused an epic crash in the market this week. But reining in this evolving asset class won't be easy.


CFTC to move on bitcoin; Citi fined in AML case


Agency plans to address issues and regulation of cybercurrencies; OCC says the bank failed to fix problems cited in a 2012 consent order.


Meet the new risks, same as the old risks: Trump's FSOC shares many Obama-era fears


The Trump administration's first interagency assessment of systemic risk highlighted many of the same worries as previous reports, but added a new emphasis on economic growth and regulatory tailoring.


Bitcoin futures trading starts off on wild ride


The cryptocurrency proved so popular it triggered two temporary trading halts on CBOE's Global Markets exchange.


Volcker Rule poised for revamp with Trump’s regulators in place


The industry derides the proprietary trading ban as costly, and the Trump administration has heard those concerns. Yet regulators must choose between subtle though expedient pin-prick changes versus a more drastic overhaul.


Role reversal: Crypto enthusiasts now worried about banks


The CFTC's greenlighting of bitcoin futures could open the floodgates for Wall Street, and digital-asset diehards see a plot to take control.


Bitcoin pioneer challenges cryptocurrency status quo


Metronome, the brainchild of Jeff Garzik, may appeal to banks as the world's first 'cross-chain' cryptocurrency.


Regulators begin review of Volcker Rule


Five regulators agreed to coordinate "their respective reviews" on the exclusion of foreign funds from Volcker Rule restrictions.


CFTC creates new arm dedicated to fintech


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has launched an office dedicated to exploring fintech issues, the agency’s head announced Wednesday.


Can the OCC reinterpret the Volcker Rule on its own?


There are barriers to possible efforts by Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika to act unilaterally to change the Volcker Rule.