Fed to vote next week on proposed changes to Volcker Rule


Long-awaited modifications to proprietary trading ban are to be unveiled at an open meeting on May 30.


SocGen is said ready to pay up to $1 billion to end U.S. probes


Societe Generale is nearing an agreement to pay as much as $1 billion to resolve two U.S. probes — into the rigging of benchmark interest rates and allegations of bribery in Libya — according to people familiar with the matter.


Bankers can't be too cautious with crypto


Financial institutions engaged in virtual currency markets face a number of risks — proceeding carefully is justified.


Kansas banking commissioner named for Fed community banking seat


Michelle Bowman, a former community banker and now the Kansas banking commissioner, was one of two Federal Reserve Board nominees announced by the White House on Monday. President Trump also nominated Columbia University Richard Clarida as vice chair.


Cryptocurrency regulation is a job for Treasury


As Congress considers new rules for digital currencies, lawmakers should consider putting responsibility in the hands of the Treasury Department, given its role in handling traditional currency.


Crypto exchanges welcome regulators as they woo institutional clients


As they cement major partnerships, launch overseas operations and court banks and other institutional investors, top cryptocurrency exchanges now see regulatory approval as a competitive advantage.


Regulators ask for cyber help; volatility may be good for banks


The SEC and CFTC ask Congress to expand federal oversight of cryptocurrency trading; the recent wild swings in financial markets may boost first quarter trading revenue.


Market regulators on crypto: We’re on it, but may need help


The heads of the Securities and Exchange and Commodity Futures Trading commissions said they are not ignoring the fast-growing cryptocurrency sector and they have some oversight powers. But they indicated that they might need more.


CFTC subpoenas add to fears of an unsustainable crypto bubble


Regulatory scrutiny of Tether and Bitfinex is spooking investors, though others argue the industry remains strong.


Wild claims, armed raids: The blockchain bank that wasn’t


AriseBank said it was the first crypto platform to buy a traditional bank. But there’s no evidence it did anything of the kind — and its founder now says it has been raided by the FBI.