Volcker 2.0 unites banks and their critics in opposition


Bankers say the agencies’ proposed rewrite of the trading ban would do more harm than good, while the Volcker Rule’s most ardent supporters worry the overhaul will enable risky behavior by the largest institutions.


Who's on first? The confusing state of federal fintech regulation


A week after the Treasury Department laid out a plan for federal fintech regulation, it is already unclear which agency is leading the charge.


Senate Dems to regulators: Proposed Volcker changes go too far


The proposal released in May to clarify how banks comply with the proprietary trading ban would “undermine a fundamental provision" of Dodd-Frank, lawmakers said.


The curious case of the Vatican and credit default swaps


The Vatican's recent criticism of credit default swaps is reigniting a debate about the use of such financial products.


Bitcoin bounces back; Southern community banks merge


The digital currency’s price has rebounded to over $8,000 as a new ETF is in the works; three deals may indicate a resurgence of small bank M&A.


JPMorgan whistle-blower gets record $30M from CFTC


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved a record $30 million whistle-blower award, the result of information that helped the agency sanction JPMorgan Chase for failing to properly inform some wealthy clients about conflicts of interest behind its investment recommendations


Will states pick up where feds left off on derivatives regulation?


U.S. officials are letting big banks exploit loopholes in Dodd-Frank rules that were meant to curb excessive risk-taking in derivatives, several academics and former policymakers warned. They urged state attorneys general to take action.


Democratic CFTC member becomes first regulator to oppose proposed Volcker changes


Democratic CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam said Monday that the proposed changes to the proprietary trading ban go too far.


FDIC board gives green light to ease Volcker Rule


The plan, which the Federal Reserve Board approved Wednesday, would tailor compliance programs for banks based on their trading volume and revise definitions to help banks determine which trades are banned.


CFPB looking to hop on fintech sandbox bandwagon


Mick Mulvaney, the agency’s acting director, suggests U.S. startups — like their U.K. counterparts — may eventually be able to test products without fear of regulatory action.