Should regulators close the door to new FHLB entrants, or open it wide?


An effort by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to examine membership rules for the Federal Home Loan Bank System is reigniting an argument over whether to allow more nonbanks in or impose tougher barriers.


CRA reforms would bolster CDFI-bank relationships


Giving more Community Reinvestment Act credit to such partnerships will help low-income communities, despite industry concerns.


FHFA to take closer look at FHLB membership rules


The agency plans to conduct a review of how it regulates the 11 Federal Home Loan banks amid concerns that some companies are inappropriately seeking a back door into the Home Loan Bank System.


L.A. bank, big investor clash over approaches to serving underbanked


Broadway Financial prefers a small balance sheet and loans to real estate investors that offer affordable housing. Capital Corps and its founder, Steven Sugarman, want the bank to expand by making more loans directly to low- and moderate-income borrowers.


Far from cheering CRA reform, CDFIs are worried


Community development financial institutions could stand to gain from efforts to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act, but they fear the proposal offered by regulators may end up draining their capital.


CRA plan could be breakthrough for credit-starved tribes


Native American leaders are cheering the proposal, which would give banks Community Reinvestment Act credit for making loans made on reservations, even if the lands sit far outside their assessment areas.


Industrial evolution: Black-owned D.C. bank set to expand in New York


Industrial Bank CEO Doyle Mitchell has spent countless hours in New York since his bank bought the failed City National in November, meeting with existing customers and plotting his growth plans.


Fed has to pitch in on CRA makeover


The OCC and FDIC have moved in the right direction by proposing reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act. Now it’s time for the Federal Reserve to join.


Let’s rethink how CDFIs are examined


These community development-focused banks need tailored regulations to expand their purpose in helping underserved areas.


Waters, Harris unveil plan to invest over $200B in affordable housing


The House Financial Services chair is sponsoring a bill with one of the Democratic presidential contenders aimed at alleviating the public housing capital backlog.