Let’s rethink how CDFIs are examined


These community development-focused banks need tailored regulations to expand their purpose in helping underserved areas.


Waters, Harris unveil plan to invest over $200B in affordable housing


The House Financial Services chair is sponsoring a bill with one of the Democratic presidential contenders aimed at alleviating the public housing capital backlog.


Is time running out to save black-owned banks?


A recent bank failure and a new legislative effort are again drawing attention to the struggles of black-owned banks since the crisis — and the fact that only 21 are left.


Tribes push for historic carve-out in CRA reform plan


Seeking to expand financial services access, tribal officials and some firms want regulators to award Community Reinvestment Act credit to any bank that funds projects in Native American communities.


Minority-owned banks' performance has significantly improved: FDIC


The number of minority depository institution charters is declining even as their financial performance is going up, according to a new study by the FDIC.


Banks explore ways to capitalize on tax law's 'Opportunity Zones'


Regional and community banks are working to finance the economic development districts created by the new law. But they have lots of questions about how the program works — and thoughts on how to improve it.


Setting the record straight on CRA reform


Robust public discussion from a diverse array of stakeholders has informed regulators working to reform the Community Reinvestment Act, but it has also included some misleading claims, writes a top OCC official.


BofA pledges additional $50 million to Tory Burch's program for women


The bank will fund community development financial institutions that lend to women-owned businesses backed by the fashion designer's foundation.


The border wall fight is killing chances of year-end banking reforms


As Congress moves closer to its Dec. 21 deadline to keep the government funded, the outlook for more financial services regulatory relief continues to worsen.


Wannabe commercial lenders get taste of read-world banking


Finance students at Marquette University will make loans to small businesses in Milwaukee from a revolving fund seeded by Town Bank and held on the books of a local CDFI.