Capital requirements

Banking regulators will let temporary capital relief expire as scheduled


The decision is seen as a setback for the banking industry, which had been pushing for and extension, and a win for Democrats, who have argued that a pandemic is no time for banks to be shedding capital.



Fed nears decisions on key capital break, shareholder distributions


The Federal Reserve will determine within days whether to extend the easing of the supplementary leverage ratio for big banks past March 31, Chairman Jerome Powell says. And it's a couple of weeks away from announcing whether there will be limits on second-quarter dividends and buybacks, he says.



Goldman pandemic loans draw scrutiny from Sens. Brown, Warren


The Senate Banking Committee is questioning whether Goldman Sachs Group paid dividends at the expense of lending to businesses and households during the pandemic as lawmakers take a broad look at the support big banks offered clients to get through the economic slump.


Waters urges regulators not to extend reg relief measure


The House Financial Services chair joined other Democrats to warn the federal agencies against further easing of the supplementary leverage ratio, a key capital requirement for large banks.


D.C. power shift complicates Fed decision on capital rule


The industry wants regulators to extend a temporary measure making it easier to satisfy the supplementary leverage ratio. But Democrats’ control of the White House and Congress has given a bigger platform to those who say banks have had enough relief.


Big banks don’t need further relief from capital rule: Warren, Brown


Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown urged regulators not to give in to industry requests to extend a temporary policy easing compliance with the supplementary leverage ratio.