Capital requirements

'Vindictive warlock hunt': Comments of the week


Reader reactions to criticism of Jamie Dimon, the House GOP ganging up on Richard Cordray, a bank's decision to part with Excel to measure credit losses, and more.


Fed’s Kashkari: Dimon ‘demonstrably’ wrong on TBTF, bank capital


In a blog post published Thursday, Neel Kashkari criticized key parts of Jamie Dimon’s annual letter to JPMorgan Chase shareholders.


Fed commodities plan violates congressional intent, banks say


A Federal Reserve proposal to set higher capital requirements for certain physical commodities may contravene Congress’ intent by making possession of those assets financially untenable, financial groups claim.


A higher leverage ratio can prevent crises, and that matters


Rather than just avoiding costly rules, cost-benefit analyses can also validate worthy ones. That is the case with proposals to toughen the leverage ratio.