Why do most U.S. banks shut the door on 'open banking'?


EU banks will soon start sharing customer account data with all third parties their customers approve. Very few U.S. banks have latched on to this concept. Here’s why.


Can a BBVA spinoff crack the digital ID code?


Covault has begun offering a digital identification and virtual safe deposit box service to banks and others. Similar efforts have failed before, but its backers say mobile apps and the cloud have made the service more practical.


Blockchain moves beyond its 'moonshot' phase


Brian Behlendorf, leader of the Linux Foundation's effort to establish standards for blockchain, likens the invention of cryptocurrencies to the moon launch and says banks, open-source developers and others are working to make the underlying technology commercially viable.


How consumer banking leaders are embracing AI


Execs from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, BBVA, Ally Bank and others outlined their AI strategies, progress to date and lessons learned at BankAI this week.


Web’s creator to fintech players: Beware the blockchain Frankenstein


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, exhorted developers to think about unintended consequences, saying he felt guilty over the digital divide and the proliferation of fake news.


BBVA launches mobile money app


BBVA has launched a new mobile app that is designed to help people in the U.S. send money to friends and family in Mexico — more quickly and cheaper than traditional remittance methods.


Alexa, get me a mortgage


Some banks are looking at how to translate the complicated and document-heavy mortgage lending process into the digital world of voice interactive personal assistants.


BBVA and B of A move to make data sharing safer, less painful


The Spanish bank is opening its APIs to outside developers as Bank of America tests a new data-sharing model with aggregators.


BBVA taps blockchain to make international payments in seconds


Using a program built by Ripple, BBVA has transferred about 50 euro-denominated payments to Mexico from Spain in seconds. Such transactions normally take up to four days to clear, the bank said.


BBVA joins Linux Foundation's blockchain project


As blockchain projects have proliferated, the need for them to be compatible with one another has become paramount.