Affordable housing

JPMorgan pledges billions in spending to fix racial wealth gap


The company says it plans to originate 40,000 mortgages for Black and Hispanic households and finance 100,000 affordable rental units over five years.


Divisions in mortgage industry emerge ahead of 2020 election


Political donations from the sector and interviews with industry experts highlight a wide range of views on affordable housing resources, the appropriate level of regulatory relief and how policymakers should enforce fair housing rules.


GSE, fair-lending policies could look radically different if Biden wins


If Trump is reelected, his administration would likely move forward with privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and relaxing key rules, while a Joe Biden presidency would likely try to expand homeownership access and borrower protections.


Bipartisan bill aims to offer savings accounts for down payments


The American Dream Down Payment Act would let states establish and manage accounts, which would be similar in structure to 529 college savings plans.


Housing groups seek change to FHA loan restriction on student debt


An industry coalition wants to ensure borrowers who took out certain types of loans to fund their education aren’t locked out of access to historically low mortgage rates.


What matters most to mortgage lenders in the 2020 election


From affordable housing policy to GSE conservatorship, the next president will wield a heavy influence on mortgage and housing policies.


Consumer advocate Robert Gnaizda dies at 83


He co-founded California Rural Legal Assistance, Public Advocates and the Greenlining Institute


4 takeaways from Biden’s embrace of progressive banking policies


The Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee called for a public credit reporting agency and for the Postal Service to offer financial services, among other proposals issued through a unity task force with Bernie Sanders. But analysts suggest the recommendations are more about electoral politics than pushing for real reforms.


Why lenders are wary of FHA's terms for buying loans with forbearance


The Federal Housing Administration's move to insure loans with forbearance could help support homeownership opportunities constrained by the coronavirus if one change was made to it, trade groups said.


Trade orgs say FHLBank targets may increase small member participation


Groups representing community banks and credit unions generally support the new percentage-based goals set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.