Affordable housing

CRA credit for fighting climate change: One Fed bank's suggestion


As policymakers mull ways to update the 42-year-old Community Reinvestment Act, economists at the San Francisco Fed have put forth a novel proposal.


Trump forms White House council to ease barriers to affordable housing


The president signed an executive order Tuesday establishing a White House council dedicated to examining regulatory barriers to affordable housing.


Congress dangles tax credits to boost supply of affordable housing


The bipartisan proposal aims to renew banks' interest in low-income housing tax credits and bring more lower-priced homes to markets that badly need them.


New York rent rules pose risks for apartment lenders, Fitch says


New York's sweeping rewrite of rent stabilization laws could pose a credit risk to lenders that finance capital improvements to regulated apartment properties, according to a report Monday by Fitch Ratings.


'This time it's different': Comments of the week


Readers weigh potential risks in the leveraged loans market, debate Herb Sandler's legacy, consider the role the Fed should play in real-time payments and more.


SunTrust, BB&T plan parting gifts to their hometowns


The merging banks, whose new headquarters would be Charlotte, N.C., will each double their charitable giving over the next three years in Atlanta and Winston-Salem, N.C.


Wells Fargo tilts philanthropic focus to affordable housing


The bank has hired Brandee McHale away from Citigroup to head its charitable foundation and implement a new strategy that will place a greater emphasis on rental housing and combating homelessness.


FHFA's Calabria urges reg relief for homebuilders


The head of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s regulator blamed “burdensome” local regulations for a lack of housing supply, and also provided an update on the administration’s plan for GSE reform.


Wells Fargo in talks to scratch one scandal off next CEO's list


Wells Fargo is in negotiations to settle a U.S. probe into procurement of low-income housing tax credits as its top lawyer tries to clean up issues before handing off the chief executive officer role.


Will housing issues be a focus of 2020 race?


At a time when costs continue to soar and regulators weigh reforms for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, more than half of the Democratic presidential candidates have talked about housing on the campaign trail.