Activist investors

Seacoast silences critics — for now — with improved results


The Florida company, which hit an aggressive profit goal last year, is planning its first investor day later this month to outline longer-term goals.


Banc of California taps another investor to joins its board


Kirk Wycoff of Patriot Financial Partners will soon join PL Capital's Richard Lashley on the California company's board.


Outside law firm clears Banc of California of illegal third-party dealings


The announcement comes a day after the company's board announced a series of corporate-governance improvements.


Banc of California adopts corporate-governance measures, adds activist to its board


Richard Lashley at PL Capital is taking over a board seat previously held by former CEO Steven Sugarman.


Activist investor mounts proxy battle at Banc of California


Legion Partners, which has raised concerns about corporate governance and pushed the bank to consider selling itself, will seek two board seats.


HopFed in Ky. accuses investor Stilwell of stonewalling


Independent members of HopFed Bancorp's board sent a letter to Joseph Stilwell complaining that their largest investor had rebuffed several efforts by CEO John Peck to schedule a meeting.


Banc of California investor wants company to consider selling


Legion Partners said it has “serious concerns” about the company’s disclosure of inaccurate information.