Activist investors

Wayne Savings in Ohio adds activist investor to its board


Ancora Advisors has a history of pressing banks and thrift to find buyers.


CapStar in Tenn. presses Fed to reject investor's change in control notice


CapStar in Tenn. claims Gaylon Lawrence violated the Change in Bank Control Act by building a 10% stake without prior Fed approval. The company is convinced Lawrence's long-term plan includes a hostile takeover.


Wayne Savings in N.J. finally taps permanent CEO


The company, which has faced pressure to sell from an activist investor, had been operating with an interim leader since December.


Do's and don'ts of a hostile bank takeover


The key to an unsolicited bid is to avoid looking like a bully. That requires clear communication with a target's investors, employees and clients — along with any other banks you might eventually want to buy.


Proxy challenge at Wayne Savings fails by narrow margin


Stilwell Group, which has been pressuring the Ohio company to sell itself, fell 36,000 votes shy of taking a board seat.


Why this bank sold itself for zero premium


Anchor Bancorp in Laney, Wash., lowered its expectations in the face of impatient investors and buyers’ concerns about antitrust, credit quality and other issues.


HopFed probes CEO's real estate deals with ex-director


Stilwell Group, an activist investor, is alleging that HopFed chief John Peck bought two properties from the then-chairman of the Kentucky company's compensation committee and that the deals were a conflict of interest.


OnDeck Capital's Chairman survives challenge from activist shareholder


Noah Breslow, who drew opposition from a hedge fund that wants the online small-business lender to pursue a new course, won 84% of the vote Tuesday.


Why the Choice Act is a threat to corporate stewardship


Some shareholders can help increase corporate accountability using a little-known but effective tool called a shareholder proposal. But now this tool is threatened by financial reform legislation.


Activist investors urge Wells Fargo to turn over board quickly


Wells survived a fierce proxy fight at its annual meeting, but that’s not stopping some key investors — including the California State Teachers' Retirement System and the New York City pension funds — from pressuring the embattled bank to quickly replace most of its directors.